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cartoon-business-man-02UBG offers several types of web design, depending on what works best for your business. One of our dynamic consultants will be more than happy to assist you with an online solution that best suits your business needs.

Communicate your Brand through a Brochure Website

A brochure website assists in giving your business a web presence. It acts as an online version of a brochure related to your products and services, in an effective way. Brochure websites convey a sense of credibility to your customers, providing them with valuable information about your offerings and most importantly, where to find you.

This package is suitable for businesses that wish to be on the web but have limited budget. Brochure websites require minimum maintenance on a monthly basis, and are simple to manage and make amendments to.

These type of websites typically revolve around the colours of your logo, with enriched content and images to create the perfect balance between creativity and functionality.

Easy to Manage Catalogue Websites

Catalogue websites are ideal for businesses that wish to upload and change products on a regular basis.  With the use of a Content Management System (CMS), you are able to maintain your website with basic computer skills within minutes.

Content Management Systems such as WordPress are used for simple access to the back-end of the site, where you are able to make adjustments, add or delete products and edit images in real-time.

Do you wish to showcase your brand, products and services to customers on one platform?

Then a catalogue website is the best option for you.

Allow Customers to Shop Online with E-Commerce Websites

An E-Commerce website is an online shop for you customers. Almost every store carrying a vast number of products sells them online, for the customer’s convenience.

E-Commerce websites have the functionality to provide product specification, pricing and payment details to the end-user.

A fully integrated E-Commerce website has the following features:

  • Integrate customer databases which include customer payment and delivery details
  • Track returns and keep customers informed on the status of their account
  • Manage inventories and notify contacts of low stock
  • Integrate payments via EFT, direct deposits, credit cards or through PayPal

E-Commerce Packages:

Web2Go offers the following packages for E-Commerce websites:

  • Silver – Payment via EFT, direct deposit (cash/cheque) or PayPal
  • Gold – Payment via credit cards, EFT, direct deposit (cash/cheque) or PayPal

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