Theory of the Hospitals.Do the Indians abuse their Visitation Rights



By Uncle Bhai Gora

Areh Wah. We know that when you are sick, just a simple visit lifts your spirit. But what happens when an Indian Uncle is Sick. Its like a mithoo moro man. Visitors,Noise, and once I even saw a cute little girl giving Sindhi to all the visitors that came. My point is simple .Do we violate our visiting rights and fail to respect the sanctity of the sick.

Why do you think medical authorities came out with the concept TWO AT A TIME PLEASE. Do we violate our Visiting Rights at Clinic and Hospitals. UBG went to visit Saleem Bhas Uncle in Millpark Clinic as he had a Heart Attack. AREH WAH there was so many people and family there. Saleem Bhais Aunty Rooki brought her sons Scalectrix even to play and they phoned Adil to do up the Visiting Room. I hear Ismail Bhai was gonna bring a pot of Biryani even. Are we wrong to visit and make a Raasah in this manner? One Uncle heard the noise and the pulse machine started beeping profusely.Another patient there for three weeks said that she knows how to make Jelebi as she overheard Aunties talking in the corridor. One patient even knows whos jolling who in Fordsburg.

One day in Milpark one Alipor Uncle was there. I seen some chinese people take out a SELFIE STICK. Someone heard them say Mus be SUM Famous Indian here. Little did they realise it was just Essope Cha Cha that had a samaoosa stall at the Flea Market.

And the Doctors of today. They know this. So they try to keep you there as long as possible.

One day I seen one Aunty here , her Family running around. I ask her Wats Wrong. She say NO I had a pain in my Bum,But I got Medical Aid he . So I went for Lumber Punch today and I got a Cat Scan tomorow and if Medical Aid pays,I might have a Lift and Tummy Tuck ,Why Not. They will let me know in a months time if it was a itch on my Bum

I heard a story the other day one Bhaai met his wife in the operating Theater. Svoosh wants to go for Operation now. Is it custom,Is it Tradition or is just plain Ridiculous man. Svoosh was telling me also once that he was in Mansoors and the garden boy came to fetch Jelebi.5KG it was Marked “”ATTENTION-DELIVER TO GARDEN CITY. SECTION 2-ONLY BETWEEN 7-8.

Apparantly the new Bollywood movie is being shot in Garden City about Love. Its Called BEMAARI. I hear at Garden City,Millpark,Lenmed. I hear the India owes opening a Bismillas in these three clinics.Colon Cleansing and your check up at the same time. A jewish Lady was in a Coma in Millpark for 15 years. When she woke up she started speaking Gujerati because of all the Lawaro in the Hallways


What are your thoughts on this.Whats your views on THEORY OF THE HOSPITALS

I think Hospitals and Clinics should appoint One Senior Doctor to Officiate and act like a Referee and Red Card the ba@#ards especially the Alipors. 🙂 🙂 🙂 and Svooshes Gaaam