Theory of Red Velvet-Is it killing the Chaar Spirit



Areh Wah I tell you. I miss the days of the Classic Weddings like we used to have before. People from my era can relate about these weddings from the past. What Great venues . There wasn’t all this modern outdoor wedding venues like Usambura and Vi Venetto and Tuscan Cornetto. Benchod if it rains the Father in Law already has that look on his face like he lost half a bar in the Casino.

The Wembly of all Wedding Venues was LMA Hall in Lenz. What Maja Man. The Mohabbet. The Family meets 3 weeks before. The Auntys wash Meat. The Men smoke Lexington and Talk All night. As a lity you get excited when there is a wedding. You know you meeting all your cuzzies, getting two bricks and playing ball till late at Night. Areh Wah, What Memories

Where is all this now. The Young girls rather sip Cafe Lattes then Was Meat. They say Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeu….Like the accent from the girls in Clueless. As IFFFFF.

Now everything is catered for. You dont even see Small Litys que’ing up to ask for Openers to open the bottle Cokes. When you were a Lity you felt like you were selected for Transvaal High Schools when an Old uncle handed you an Opener.

The Teenagers 18 + had the honour of serving the Ladies section. Thats why many Indian men got married young. While the lity was serving Biryani, The Aunties were seeing how big his Potato is in his Platter.

The new weddings have also eliminated the Old Timers by the Dheggs. Legends in their own way. This was their turf. This was their ring and their Royal Rumble. If you come in or you from another Gaam. Arrrrl They Throw You out.

Which brings me to the topic. Areh Wah. Red Velvet. At Saleem Bhas Neices wedding in Laudium 3000 people were invited. All I heard was Red Velvet this and Red Velvet that. Red Velvet Cup cakes and Red Velvet Sojee and then I hear one naughty Aunty saying maybe we can give Groom Red Velvet Jockey like Eric Forester from Bold.

Areh Wah I said I must go to this wedding in

You guessed it a RED VELVET SUIT.



As the wedding progressed I tasted this Red Velvet Sojee and Tea Time I tasted the Red Velvet Cup Cakes.

Areh Wah. There were like 50 different types of Red Velvet Cakes. All the Aunties kept saying Try My Daughters Red Velvet this and that.

Then One Aunty walked past and said Bhai Gora Did you try Moosa Pheers Dortern laws cake. I said to myself NO. But she can feel my Red Velvet Suit.

Look what Im saying What is the fuss about Red Velvet Cup Cakes and Do you think All this Fuss is worth it. How Tasty do you find this Red Velvet Goodies?

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