Avalon Cinema in the Past. What fond Memory do you have of this Legendary Place




  1. Farhana Bhana via facebook
    I watched King Kong with the most famous milkshake and toasted steak; hot dog and the works from KENTUCKY Milk Bar there! The Hindi Films was a dress to kill affair for all the Ladies from Fordsburg and Kholvad House! xoxo

  2. Mohamed Feroz Bhabha via facebook
    Look the only thing constant has been my Bro Mo Adam and the institution of Kentucks…

  3. Hawa Ebrahim via facebook
    Omw…this brings back fond memories. I lived around the corner on Bree str. Lyric on the next block was my favourite.

  4. Naseem Mayet via facebook
    Way before my time…was the cinema. Im sure there was Ushers and Popcorn etc. What diffrentiated it from the Cinemas of today,and the 80’s. Or shall I say apart from Dressing up what made it unique
    SATURDAY nights were alive with eagerness, excitement and anticipation. Many waited the whole week, anxious as to the next “surprise” on offer on the big screen. It came in the form of classic Shakespearean drama, with the finest music and playback singing thrown in. The ladies boasted the latest hairstyles and hairdos, some standing as tall as the Eiffel Tower and showed off in splendour. Their eyeliner was as thick as a crayon and many imitated their heroines. Whiffs of hairspray choked the air and the fashion buffs hoped a likeable suitor would take notice There was joys and tears when the theatres emptied, with running mascara spoiling the Picasso-like make up. For the few who found themselves emotionally tangled in love and intrigue after watching the movie, followed up with the obvious rush to buy the latest sounds on vinyl in the music-bar close by…a piece written by Aslam Khota

  5. Suraya Jadwat · via facebook
    My mom and aunts have shared wonderful stories of their Saturday night outings……my granny would sew them beautiful outfits for the occasion. They were dressed up, Beehive hair styles, stilettos, make up, looking fabulous……….Tahera Dindar, Jameela Dindar, Zareena Kara.

  6. Mohamed Shiraz Bodhania via facebook
    Avalon use to show indian movies on Saturday nights, there use to be avalon music bar next door if I remember, and they use to sell all the Indian and qawali 4 track cassettes in the days gone by. Kentucky steak rolls still the same today. If u in fordsburg at 2 in the morning and u hungry u can still grab a steak roll from Kentucky. Lots of great memories after the rand show driving in fordsburg for food. Sollys corner, Kentucky. Movies at avalon , planet, majestic, and lyric.those were the good old days.

  7. Mohamed Shiraz Bodhania via facebook
    Oh yes I forgot about the ushers. And naseem I remember going to Kentucky about a year ago and I remember there menu board from those days were still displayed on their walls. And there very old steel coke fridges , the ones where u slide the lids from the top , shukar are still working.

  8. Aneesia Limbada Saley via facebook
    Lived in roodepoort then lenz but spent almost all of my time in fordsburg cos of my dad’s work . Lunch was sollys or akhalwayas or kentucky or wimpy n supper that fancy place Roshikas I think in the plaza

  9. Aneesia Limbada Saley via facebook
    N lyric n planet n majestic n avalon was where I fell in love with john Travolta n Michael j fox

  10. Mohamed Feroz Bhabha via facebook Everyone feeling all nostalgic n giddy about old times but remember that Kentucks is still alive n kicking so go back to your roots n go have a steak n cheese for old times…
    Kentucky Milk Bar …..still kicking…

  11. Shoyeb Manjra via facebook
    Bree Street School excursion to Avalon to watch the landing on the moon (obviously not live), watched many favourites Herbie, Ben Hur, too name a few.. And then it was off to Kentucky for the legendary toasted steak and pintys (pinball)

  12. Kasim Bulbulia Patel via facebook
    Fantastic memories! Baboo Moosa, Afzal Ganey, shido Cisco, myself. The daily hang out spot!

  13. Sudhir Kamal Singh via facebook
    sadly just great memories of this wonderful.where one could come with his family and feel safe tho late

  14. Jubi Karodia via facebook
    And don’t forget Avalon Take away… JSS students ordering food from behind the fence… Screaming Avalon to get service … And Rambo at Kentucky … Memories

  15. Mohamed Feroz Bhabha via facebook
    We all grew up on the frontline….a different era
    If frontline could talk there be many of us in some serious trouble..

  16. Razina Moosa Tar via facebook
    Hi this is Razina , yep I lived on Bree sreet too, and Avalon cinema has the greatest memories for me because MAC is my dad and he owned it. Not quite sure how my husband got this pic and sent it to me, but I’m sharing with my family. Btw Kentucky

  17. Sally Darsot VIA FACEBOOK
    Hi I’m feeling very nostalgic ! I remember and going to watch Indian movies on Saturday nights.
    Everyone dressed up in their nines.

  18. Naseem Mayet via facebook
    What is dressing to the nines. Im picturing Pin stripe suits. Hat and a tommy gun 🙂 and the ladies with a bee hive hair style. More elaboration on dressing to the nines 🙂

  19. Samiya Kotwal Bhamjee via facebook
    Forget the walls …if the back rows could talk! Uncle Ebrahim took me in 1977( came for holiday from CT) to watch Rocky( movie) and I was KO!

  20. Shireen Mall via facebook
    OMG….I remember!
    There was the travel agents next door.Both owned by the Khotus. I remember the record shop next to Kentucky and the penny whistler outside. I can taste the toasted steak sandwich with piccalily sauce,

  21. Chichi Cajee via facebook
    khotus travel was next to planet cinema – i block up on mint rd
    the record shop belonged to late uncle ismail essa – choppy’s (choprop’s) father

  22. Fatima Khan via facebook
    Spending the holidays at my gran and going to movies with my cousins either planet, Avalon or majestic. Loved planet movie house the most it felt very glam!

  23. Ismail Bhabha via facebook
    A pit stop at kentucky for that legendary toasted steak …..admiring the BRAZIL posters while waiting for a chow……With my 2 best mates Dawood Cajee and Mohammed Choonara. …
    Both are late now….may the Almighty grant them Heaven

  24. Naseem Mayet via facebook
    Ok Ive Got insight from the Legends of what “Dressing to the Nines is” :). Must have been something

  25. Mohamed Rashid Haffajee via facebook
    What majestic names: Avalon, Lyric! And around the corner…Cisco’s, a name associated with the a Wild West. And just next door above the garage, the very French Chez Gaye dancehall. And a block away, the Planet Cinema…of the cosmos. What imagination for a little suburb!

  26. Chichi Cajee via facebook
    & then came SALON AMINA …………..the first non white hairdressing & beauty salon, with a sauna nogal, in south africa ………………
    avalon also hosted the MISS AFRICA SOUTH (non white version of miss S A) …………….i remember the bevy of beautiful black, bushy & chaarou women coming to mum to get themselves uitgesort for the finals………………early 70’s when my hormones were starting to jump ………….lol