Sollys Corner.What special memory do you have of this Place?


solly's cnr

ASL NOO WAKATH (Back in the Day) WITH UNCLE BHAI GORA. Today We look back at


  1. Omar O. Essa ·via facebook
    Yuni boy left handed is something with a knife and a polony this all while his making a hell of a noise

  2. Mohamed Shiraz Bodhania via facebook
    I agree with omar. Yunus left handed slicing polony was something else and still chatting.

  3. Raeesa Zazi Daya via facebook
    uncle Chichi Cajee do you remember “FOWLIE” and where is he in the picture? (my mommie asked lol) 🙂

  4. Mohamed Shabeer Dada via facebook
    Fowlie. Where is he? And Yusuf Ballim? Fordsburg manne.
    Sollys special. Imtiaz Patel and co. We used to park on a Friday night in our cars and just chat. Was so much fun outside Solly’s. Great memories. Hope the two bros. Are in the best of health. ISA

  5. Farah Osman via facebook
    It was theeeee place to hang out, especially on a Saturday afternoon…That entire corner and half the block would be crowded – street party best memories ever!!!

  6. Eusuf Bhana via facebook
    Used to live on crown road, my dad used bring us steak rolls for lunch during the holidays, still a permanent lunch order at my parents place on Saturdays

  7. Azhar Cajee via facebook
    First and last stop for us from the Platerand areas like Standerton when we visited Jozie. We had chows both from Solly’s Corner and Kentucky Milk Bar. I agree legends. Sitting in Toronto I still miss the Steak sandwich from Kentucky and Chip roll special from Solly’s. Not forgetting the real legends Yunnie and Mamod from Solly’s and late Uncle Ebrahim and Mohammed’s Father. After club chows was the best.

  8. Fawzia Laher via facebook
    I rem Dynamos days. Cum back from wits stadium. Stop @ Sollys 2 buy chows. Best viennas ever!!!!

  9. Chichi Cajee via facebook
    Spreading a chip parcel on the bonnet of the car
    Fowlie with his one leg up on the wall
    Late adnaan mirza & odd jobs

  10. Shoyeb Manjra via facebook
    Saturday nights after watching Dynamos play at Milpark it was off to Sollys corner for a palony special less than 5bucks plus a coke…

  11. Azhar Cajee via facebook
    I took special made toasted steaks to my brother in Malaysia. Late Uncle Ebrahim prepared and parceled them for long flight. Fowzia Cajee show Dad this he will remember.

  12. Zeenat Saloojee via facebook
    My papa, ebrahim Cajee use to take me there e wry weekend when i was a leitie…loved him so much & the memories we formed!

  13. Zayed Karodia via facebook
    I wonder how far back people started hanging out on sollys corner? my time was early 80s, this pic looks like mid 70s….

  14. Chichi Cajee via facebook
    It is early 70’s – volvos & beetles with TJ no plates – i started hanging out on the corner in the early 70’s – i used to come with my mom to the salon every saturday & was not allowed to hang around the salon as they used to get very busy – so it was fietas grounds, oriental plaza, solly’s corner, kentucky & all the movie houses for us
    Late solly kajee opened it in the 60’s already –

  15. Nazmira-Imtiaz Tar via facebook
    We used to go to Sollys corner and buy chips n polony rolls when I was a little girl living in Johannesburg in the late 70’s…my dad used to own Avalon Cinema so he used to buy Steak sandwiches from Kentucky all the time…we still remember the good ol days even though we are now in Los Angeles for 30+ years

  16. Ebrahim Gangat via facebook
    Wow. What memories. Not just Sollys Corner but the flats upstairs…I used to stay there (the flat on the right, 1st floor). We had a back entrance into the shop. Was in Sollys Corner everyday… man, this pic jus took me back 28 yrs.

  17. Ebrahim Gangat via facebook
    Uncle Harry, the dry cleaner was (and still is) on the left. And Uncle Chagan, the barber is on the right. Only 2 barbers were in Fordsburg back then…

  18. Feroza Chohan Mayet via facebook
    Does anyone remember the days when Sollys corner was owned by the Kadjees (Solly Kadjee)?

  19. Shana Davids via facebook
    Awesome memories…used to go there with my parents after shopping at the plaza every Saturday. .. my dad says he grew up there…..

  20. Mohamed Dudhia via facebook
    Arriving from London for a holiday, picked up by my beloved late Nana and first stop at Sollys Corner to get take-away for journey to Rustenburg. Memories to last a lifetime.

  21. Yasmin Darsot Cassim via facebook
    my mom supplied sollys corner with samoosas daily wen he would come and collect the samoosas he would bring his famous fish n chips it was super yummy

  22. Zaid Waja via facebook
    I used to be there with my grandfather on a thursday fish and chips some 23 years ago …… still frequent this place and love it

  23. Farhana Bhana via facebook
    I used to get my TONY’S pink coconut bar ice-cream and those TONY ice-lollies from them! Those were the days made in Heaven! Miss my childhood so much! Our Fordsburg back in the day had it all! Oh, and they used to sell those masala biltong pieces in packets! Out-of-this-world delicious! xoxo

  24. Remember when you from Bekker Street and you give the Fietas guys a “DIRTY LOOK” because you thought you were a CLAVAAR, when outsiders came looking or trouble we joined forces and moered them, then we go back to fighting each other again.
    Never ever forget my friend Speedy from Bekker Street, had a BEEG fight over a girl and shook hands afterwards, remained friends for many a years later. You were the main Boy if you could take out your ÖUKAPPIE from your pocket and open it all in under 1 second.