By Uncle Bhai Gora


Why are couples fighting these days. Ok fine there are and always will be issues but sometimes in relationships when you partner is too domineering and the phrase is “HAVE YOU BY THE BALLS” You will always be under the KOSH. Im like a fine wine ,I just get better with age and lately I dont know if you notice but when the women is larger than her husband she Generally seems to have him under control. Do you notice that. Please research it and observe and leave a comment. Hence the phrase Mertrarse (pronounced Indian style for Matress) because After they shout you you can sleep on them.

Saleem Bha once had a girlfriend. He was exactly like Norbit. He couldnt say anything,Do anything without her making Big Eyes. Once Saleem Bha was in the Kruger Park and he came face to face with a Heyena. He was in grave Danger. The Hyena was ready to attack. All of a sudden his wife Mariam Bibi who was quite hefty and Big came from behind. The Heyena seen this huge object or shadow and fled. Later on the Game Ranger said that when and animal sees something larger than itself it gets scared and runs off.



There were also moments when Mariam Bibi used to just walk in and we would be playing panna or bridge and shed scream. Saleem Bha “SAY MA NAME”. And the man would simply smile and say Mariam Bibi. Weve seen Saleem Bha with many girls petite and smaller than him and he was a  b!@#tard. He would even say “What nonsence is this.I need to take a stand. A man must put his foot down.

Yet everytime Saleem Bha comes into contact with a large women he shys off like a Heyena. Hell we seen Saleem Bha go from not eating seafood to eating CRABS and Prawns and scallops while Mariam Bibi watched. She once also told him to eat pork and he was about to when she said Saleem Bha SAY MY NAME. I WAS JUST FOOLING GERCHODO.

Imagine that. As years went on I have noticed this trend and seen it so many times. After all the scolding Saleem Bha used to get at the End of it all he would say “Its Ok I slept on her and passed out”

So I ask you DOES THE THEORY OF THE MERTRARSE HOLD TRUE. Was Saleem Bha a rare case.Does a Larger Women boss her Husband more than a thin women

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